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We are delighted to have won the Lighting Scheme category at the International Design and Architecture Awards 2022 and in addition the Gold Award Winner at the Titan Property Awards 2024.

Our Middle East Design Director, Rebecca Nambiar talks through the lighting design highlights of this project and how architectural lighting was introduced to enhance the features of this stunning private villa in the Dubai Hills, UAE.

Every project we work on has a different story to tell, none more so than this project nestled in the heart of Dubai Hills. Surrounded by greenery, this seven bedroom home takes its identity from nature and all that is natural in the form of ‘The Tree of Life’; a centre piece imported from Indonesia that acts in stark juxtaposition to the strong vertical and horizontal lines featured throughout the home.

The lighting design scheme effortlessly melds into the villa’s structure, ensuring that only the enchanting effects are visible, concealing the light sources. This artful integration harmonizes with the natural textures, establishing an inviting continuity from room to room.

As we enter the double height main hall we are flooded with rays of sunshine from the cleverly designed skylights and slatted ceilings, however in the evening the lighting appears almost invisibly from within the vertical wooden details and adds a soft yet delicate warmth to the space also. The room is instantly transformed from fresh and vast, to intimate and cosy. Lucca 30 uplights highlight the wooden wall details at night.

Stairs leading to uplit hallway with cork textured wall

Continuing the thematic consistency, the staircase becomes an artful display of delicate floating leaves adorned with pops of color. Rather than opting for a commonplace approach, the team concealed Contour LED strip along each side, allowing the chandelier to maintain its prominence while softly illuminating the steps with a captivating halo effect. The result is a perfect marriage of elements, complementing each other in a seamless visual narrative.

dramatic staircase with hanging glass pendant chanelier, supported by architecural downlights

Designing with the talented Helen Skea, Design Director of Infinite Designers in Dubai, UAE, was always met with fun creativity and allowed for plenty of clever details and concepts to be conceived whilst working together on the project, effectively bringing together the interior design and lighting design. Her attention to the materiality of the space and expertly understanding the client brief, meant for endless opportunities to explore new fun ways to incorporate lighting throughout. This included how best to backlight multiple whisky barrels imported from the United States and shelf details with the thinnest of metal sheets.

backlit whisky barrells in bar area of Dubai villa

The softness of the lighting was indeed very prevalent, however it was interspersed with strong linear lighting details using Contour linear strip to create drama and intensify vistas in the home.

John Cullen Lighting takes pride in this meticulous fusion of nature-inspired design and innovative lighting techniques, epitomized by the transformative qualities of the main hall. The space not only captures the vibrancy of daylight but seamlessly transitions into a haven of warmth and intimacy as evening descends, embodying the essence of modern luxury living.

Bathrooms in Dubai villa with dramatic ceiling detail lighting

Lighting Design – John Cullen Lighting

Interior Designer – Helen Skea Infinite Designers

Architect – Russell Skea Infinite Designers

Contractor – BW Interiors

Photography – Duncan Chard

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Minimalistic white room with wooden artwork on walls and linear strip lines of light on far wall
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