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We Believe Great Hotel lighting creates an atmosphere That shifts and evolves throughout the day & into the evening.
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Why choose John Cullen?

We have over 40 year’s experience in the luxury lighting industry with a talented team of lighting designers. We will add value to your project from both a technical and creative point of view.

We can help to maximise the impact of the architecture and interior effectively placing the fittings as well as making the most of the lighting budget. We accentuate the most important features in your space, suggesting which elements need lighting and which don’t, tailoring a considered lighting scheme to the use of the space. Our lighting designers will bring their knowledge and understanding to create a successful scheme technically as well.

To ensure your design can reach its full potential, the lighting design should be done at the very beginning of a project before electrical first fix. Our lighting designers are based in London, Europe and Dubai and have worked on schemes in over 45 countries around the world.

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Launceston Place

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Truly bespoke from concept to fitting to completion. We BRING KNOWLEDGE & INSIGHT TO EVERY COLLABORATION