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Residential Lighting

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Create impact and drama by embellishing the home with high-end residential lighting. Lighting is the one element of interior design that can change the space at the flick of a switch. It can adapt to suit the mood and task, be bright or more atmospheric and bring out the features in any room.

Explore Landscape Lighting Projects

Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting creates a magical extra room at night and is essential to any garden. A well-designed garden lighting scheme draws the eye outside to enjoy the features adding a wonderful new perspective as dusk falls. A little light can go a long way at night, so select key focal points to be lit, ideally features that look good whatever the season. Here, we show you some of the exterior lighting projects we have worked on to give you ideas on how to enhance the appeal of the garden or landscape area.

Explore Hospitality Lighting Projects

Hospitality Lighting

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Great hospitality lighting creates the ideal atmosphere and mood that changes through the day into the evening. It sets the scene and delivers a great environment to relax, rest and play in. Numerous interior designers and lighting designers have selected our luxury discreet luminaires to light their projects around the world. Take a look at how our products add that extra layer of luxury to any hospitality lighting project.

Explore Superyacht Lighting Projects

Superyacht Lighting

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You will find our superyacht lighting on many of the world's finest superyachts. Here is a select example of some of the projects we have lit that we have been able to show.

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