Lighting Design Service

An architectural lighting designer can help you make the most of one of the most powerful interior design tools. It can change the mood and atmosphere of both interiors and gardens at the touch of a button. With LED technology lasting longer than ever before, it is more important than ever to consider the lighting design carefully.

We have over 40 year’s experience in the luxury lighting industry with a talented team of lighting designers. Our lighting design service will add value to your project, whether residential, hospitality or superyacht, from both a technical and creative point of view. We can help to maximise the impact of the architecture and interior effectively placing the fittings as well as making the most of the lighting budget. We accentuate the most important features in your space, suggesting which elements need lighting and which don’t, tailoring a considered lighting scheme to the use of the space.  Our lighting designers will bring their knowledge and understanding to create a successful scheme technically as well.

To ensure your design can reach its full potential, the lighting design should be done at the very beginning of a project before electrical first fix. Our lighting designers are based in London, Europe and Dubai and have worked on schemes in over 50 countries around the world.

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Fee Proposal

Your lighting design journey starts with the preparation of a fee proposal. We will study the plans and prepare an outline cost based on the project’s scale.

Project Kick-Start Meeting

The lighting design concept begins with a project kick-off meeting involving all relevant design team members to discuss various details including:

  • Project programme and coordination
  • Control options
  • Formulation of design direction
  • Architectural features, furniture layouts and finishes
  • Project brief


Lighting Design Service Stage 1

Detailed Concept and Schematic Designs

After the initial meeting, the lighting designer will prepare a full set of lighting and CAD plans with a specification and detailed quotation, based around our own collection of fittings. This would include all the light fittings, drivers and controls.

The specification and plans include full technical information of what is required on a room-by-room, circuit-by-circuit basis. They detail the exact location of all the fittings, the types of lights and lenses used as well as driver and control details.

This typically takes around 15-20 working days from receipt of all relevant information.

Lighting Design Service Stage 2

Developed Design

Once the design schematic and budget has been approved, your lighting designer will create the detailed drawings and specification.

We normally liaise with your electrical contractor and we will answer any queries they may have regarding the scheme.

Lighting Design Service Stage 3

Issue for Construction

As the project goes to site, we will produce a final issue of all the signed off project documentation for the team on site to carry out the installation. This requires a final update to the lighting design package based on all the latest project information from other team members to confirm all information is current.

Lighting Design Service Stage 5

Site Supervision

Site visits are an integral part of the lighting design process.

Our design service is bespoke and tailor made to the project and how the space will be used. It is essential for the delivery of a successful project for our lighting design team to be fully aware of changing site conditions and architectural elements in practice.

Lighting Design Service Stage 6


Most projects progress organically, at least in part, and revisions may be required to ensure that the lighting design remains relevant to the latest interior design or architectural details.

We will ensure that we coordinate with other project consultants to incorporate any changes that may be required.

Lighting Design Service Stage 7

Order Management and Delivery

Whenever you are ready for the goods to go to site, our team will take your order and answer any technical questions you may have to ensure a smooth installation. All orders are bagged up on a circuit by circuit, room by room basis for ease of installation on site.

This saves time making life easier for your electrician.


Depending on your location, your lighting designer can also recommend a qualified electrician who is familiar with our fittings and arrange for a quotation for installation. We strongly advise the use of an approved electrician to ensure an accurate and cleanly-fitted installation. See FAQs.


Commissioning a lighting scheme is an integral part of any lighting design. Your lighting designer can visit site at the end of the project to ensure that the lighting is as designed, ensure all the lights are used to best advantage and help set up a control system if installed.

Lighting Design Service Stage 8


To ensure the best scheme possible we require the latest information as below:

  • DWG floorplans (GAS) and reflected ceiling plans (RCPs) with as much information as possible including furniture layout
  • Elevations, where available, of the various rooms
  • Joinery details where relevant
  • Kitchen plans and elevations
  • Confirmation of requirements for lighting designs to meet local building requirements
  • Artwork locations and dimensions where possible
  • Landscaping plans
  • Any information on AV/HVAC to be used on the project
  • 3D model / illustrations for renderings
  • Detailed interior and landscape design package

Begin your design service journey

Contact us with your plans and project information using the details below:

UK office on +44 (0) 20 7371 9000 or email  London Design Studio

Europe office on +33 1 56 59 18 36 or email French studio

Middle East & APAC office on +971 (0) 4 554 0488 or email Dubai Design Studio

For further information, view our Lighting Design Service Leaflet or visit our contact page to discuss your project with the design team or request a fee proposal.

With LED light sources and fittings lasting much longer than before, it is important to consider your lighting design carefully as you will live with it for longer.

Sally Storey, Creative Director
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