Case Studies


See the latest lighting design techniques used throughout this Kensington whole house refurbishment, home to our Creative Director Sally Storey.

As you might expect, the home of our Creative Director, Sally Storey was refurbished using the latest lighting design techniques along with our range of discreet light fittings. What has evolved is an inviting space highlighting key architectural features. Watch the video to discover more.

The living room incorporates several layers of lighting which Sally can be adjusted to suit the mood. The freestanding marble shelving unit was retrofitted with Contour LED strips to backlight and add depth to the shelving. Concealed Contour strips were also added to the front of the shelving to highlight objects and books. At night, this creates a focal point and point of interest within the room.

Sofa with painting above lit with picture light and table lamps either side

Artwork is lit with the Wallace Picture Light, which provides an even wash of light across the paintings, and a directional Vorsa 30 spotlight onto the piece above the fireplace. Uplighting to the shutterboxes using Lucca 30 uplights provide an accent to the architectural features adding yet more drama to the space.

Kitchen with pendant and downlights over the island with shutterboxes lit with uplights in window

Within the kitchen, task lighting is incorporated above the central island using discreet Vorsa port spotlights, to complement the ambient decorative pendants. The decorative pendants are the visible light source, but task lighting was required on the island for chopping and other kitchen tasks.

wall mounted shelves backlit with linear light in modern kitchen

The wall-mounted shelves are backlit using Contour LED strip to create a floating effect adding drama to the space along with the decorative wall lights.  The glass shelving at the far end of the room are lit with miniature Polespring 30 downlights adding depth to the space.

Case Study Body Image dining room kensington

The dining room at the other end of the kitchen features a central Italian chandelier which provides a decorative focal point. By lighting the flowers on the dining table, a more intimate scene is created. This is achieved by the discreet surface mounted Vorsa 30 spotlights with a narrow beam to create the tight pool of light. This is a perfect solution for a grade listed property where recessed downlights were not possible. Polespring 30 downlights were recessed into the glass shelving units on either side of the window to highlight the glassware and provide another layer of light and also adding depth. Miniature Lucca 30 uplights are again used to highlight key architectural features including the door architraves and window shutterboxes, bringing the room together with light at night.

Case Study Body Image Snug Kensington

A cosy and welcoming space was created by carefully selecting lighting for the snug room. Uplighting the shutterboxes behind the sofa provides a glow when sitting in the room at night. Combined with the wall light for task light when reading, this creates the perfect spot to relax. The joinery incorporates concealed Contour linear strips hidden into angled profiles within the fronts of the shelves. The lighting of joinery in a smaller room like this provides a focal point, highlighting the objects on the shelving.

Two views of elegant staircase with uplight to windows and view own hallway to lit object

The staircase forms the central spine of the home. As it was narrow, there was no room for wall lights so Lucca 30 uplights were housed on the base of the window frames, which adds definition and and at night reflect onto the underside of the staircase above. These are paired with lanterns on each landing.

All the lighting within the property is controlled on a system which can be adjusted on a mobile phone, making it easy to transition between scenes and set the right mood at the touch of a button.

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