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The brief for this very elegant property in Westminster, London, was to create a relaxing and calming space for the client, whilst maintaining dynamic spaces with light that would appeal to the whole family. For this London lighting design scheme, it was important that the lighting emphasised the selected pieces of furniture and stunning materials that had been chosen for the scheme.

View into dining room with gold hanging tree sculpture above table with spotlights lighting from above

The main focal point of the dining room was this intricate suspended sculpture. This needed to be illuminated effectively above the table to emphasise the form at night, whilst also allowing for task light down on to the dining table – we had to make sure all these elements worked together well. We lit the space with Vorsa Port  spotlights which provide flexible and adjustable lighting. These created amazing shadows on the walls to replicate the branches of the tree sculpture. Due to the skylight above we were unable to integrate downlights here, but perimeter Polespring 50 downlights were used to highlight finishes and art.

Intricate suspended sculpture hanging above dining table, with artwork on wall and lighting from spotlights

Another requirement was to balance and light the connecting spaces, allowing a natural flow from the kitchen to the dining room to the reception room, but keep these rooms distinct at the same time. We achieved this by including Lucca 30 miniature uplights throughout the interlinking spaces to create a soft light to guide one through the space.

The staircase was dominated with Cazalla floorwashers and Polespring 50 downlights to make the space brighter. Allowing for two solutions here, both low level and high level lighting, meant that during the evening the Cazallas could be left on to guide through the space whilst maintaining a calm and relaxing environment.

uplights to doorway and across a staircase to guide the way

We coordinated all the details of the kitchen lighting with the kitchen designers, including workshops with them to ensure our details were incorporated into the bespoke kitchen design. As such, this enabled us to really create a lighting design scheme that worked for the space and finishes used.

Kitchen units lit with downlights and under counter linear lighting onto kitchen surfaces

We continued a layer of uplighting into the kitchen so that at night there was a soft glow, with Lucca 30 uplights by the door leading out to the garden to frame the view – a space the client was keen to connect with light.

Mounted wall shelves backlighting objects
Small patio garden with table and chairs and wall mounted lighting

In the media room, vertical Contour LED strip was used in the joinery within the study area. Two Polespring 50 downlights over the desk and a few downlights round the perimeter were incorporated  to increase the depth of the space, but the key focus here was the joinery lighting, which became a feature at night and emphasised the stunning dark wood selected. The lighting within this space needed to work for different uses, from studying to relaxing, so it was essential here that several layers of light were worked into the scheme. In addition a Lutron control system was used here to change between scenes at the touch of a button.

Dark green study with rich wooden joinery unit with lighting to backlight objects and books on shelves

In the master bathroom, quite a few techniques were used to highlight the bath and create a spa like environment. Lucca 30 uplights to the window sill provided an accent layer of light and Cazalla floorwashers, either side of the bath, were added to give a soft wash of light skimming across the floor. The art was lit with a Polespring 50 downlight to create a focal point for this London lighting design scheme.

Roll top bath in traditional bathroom with uplights to window reveals

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Architect – Hacket Holland
Photography – James Balston

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