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This sophisticated lighting design scheme for a luxury apartment in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai seamlessly combines natural and artificial light to enhance the opulent interiors and highlight key design elements. We worked closely with the Interior Designers NŌN, to blend recessed light fixtures, chandeliers, pendant lights, along with a comprehensive lighting control system, to create an elegant and adaptable living space that radiates sophistication and comfort.

contemporary open plan fireplace with downlights to textured wall either side

Senior Lighting Designer Elaine Hernandez explains that the greatest challenge designing the lighting scheme was having to work within tight electrical load allowances. Careful coordination was required to smoothly incorporate all the different lighting elements. After reviewing the space, we opted for energy- efficient lighting fixtures with the lowest feasible wattage for downlights, ensuring both functionality and efficiency.

It was also key to create a harmonious and seamless transition between the connecting spaces, guiding the owners and visitors around the open plan space from the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the home cinema. We were also keen to maintain the individual identities for each area. To achieve this, we selected Polespring 40 and the smaller Polespring 30 downlights throughout the interlinking areas, ensuring a consistent lighting effect. We incorporated the Minim to accentuate the exquisite textured wall, while Contour HD27 was used to illuminate the captivating fireplace.

 For the lighting control, we carefully designed the lighting for each space based on their respective functions while ensuring a harmonious coordination of all the scenes.

dark wood shelving unit with integrated lighting

We collaborated closely with the designer and fit-out team, meticulously coordinating every aspect of the joinery details. We engaged in workshops with them to ensure the intricacies of the lighting design scheme seamlessly integrated into the bespoke joinery pieces. Consequently, the lighting design flawlessly complemented the space and enhanced the chosen finishes.

Within the home cinema, we specified Contour LED strip lighting in the back of the shelves of the TV joinery, creating a striking and dramatic effect. Polespring 30 downlights were strategically positioned in front of the joinery to amplify the sense of depth. The primary focus revolved around the joinery lighting itself, creating the prominent feature during evening hours, accentuating the exquisite dark wood.

To further enhance the ambience, we extended a layer of uplighting using Contour LED strip into the bedroom joinery and headboard, generating a gentle and inviting glow during night time.

stunning pendants above seating and bedside
The decorative lighting

We selected the stunning decorative lighting ‘Bloom and Sand & Sea’ fixtures from Haberdashery to add a touch of elegance and beauty to the design and fulfil our clients requirements. With their unique design and exquisite craftmanship, these decorative solutions further transform the ambience of the space, creating a captivating visual experience. 

The result

The final lighting design scheme adds a new dimension and depth to the space. Every element has smoothly come together to create an apartment that exudes grandeur and captivates the senses. The focal points are bathed in a warm and inviting light, drawing the eye and creating a sense of wonder. The centrepiece chandeliers, with their sparkling crystals and exquisite craftsmanship, serve as the crowning jewels, casting a radiant glow that cascades down and fills the rooms with an air of opulence.

Living room area with coffer lighting and light to art

The lighting design plays a pivotal role in setting the mood evoking emotions. The combination of functional and decorative lighting elements harmoniously illuminates the space, providing both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Each light fixture has been thoughtfully chosen to complement the interior design, enhancing its beauty and creating an unforgettable visual experience.

Working alongside the interior design this has created a truly mesmerising environment. It is a testament to the power of lighting to transform a space, elevating it to the extraordinary, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege to experience it.

Interior Design – NŌN

Photography – Oculis Project

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