Lighting Tips

To help you in your quest for better lighting, we have put together our top lighting ideas and tips. Here you can select the space you are looking to light and see how best to approach your project to achieve stunning effects.

  • Hallway Lighting Ideas

    Halls create the first impression of a home but can often be narrow and dull. This is where lighting can be used to create the impression of a bright, inviting...

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  • Garden Lighting Ideas

    There has never been a better time to light your garden with the arrival of low heat and low energy LED garden fittings. A little light goes a long way...

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  • Staircase Lighting Ideas

    A staircase is the central pod of your home, linking spaces and people together. It should be functional and sculptural, and lighting can make a real difference.

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  • Conservatory Lighting Ideas

    When thinking about lighting for a conservatory, it is essential to not only think about lighting the inside space but also lighting outside the structure. This will avoid the uncomfortable...

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  • Bedroom Lighting Ideas

    The first step towards planning the perfect lighting scheme for a bedroom would be to confirm the furniture layouts and finishes. The best lighting layouts will be based around these...

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  • Dining Room Lighting Ideas

    Whether your dining room is light, contemporary and airy or more traditional and darker, great lighting will ensure that your dining experience is enhances for both you and your guests.

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  • Home Theatre Lighting Ideas

    The trend for dedicated spaces for home cinemas has allowed us as the lighting designers to create some great lighting solutions to ensure the space is flexible for a variety...

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