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Creative lighting contributes to the visual appeal, functionality, mood, sustainability, and overall experience of your space. The John Cullen Design team can help you achieve your intended design vision by skilfully manipulating the lighting to alter the perception.
large open plan contemporary space with pendant and ceiling coffer

Lighting can influence how we perceive space. Skillful lighting design for architecture can make a small room feel larger, a tall ceiling feels lower, or a narrow corridor feels more open. Here are a few reasons why partnering with John Cullen will ensure you maximise the lighting possibilities on your designs

Award-winning lighting design

At John Cullen lighting scheme will create different lighting layers, colours, and tones to create various atmospheres from cozy and intimate to vibrant and dynamic to suit your project.

Award-winning products

Our award-winning luminaires deliver exceptional quality of light within the most discreet form to deliver the ultimate beams of light.

End-to-End Service

From design to product supply to controls, with just one company to collaborate with, you can be assured of the harmonious integration of lighting.

Energy Efficiency

We can help you achieve the perfect balance of selecting fittings only to achieve the desired effects, whilst minimising the number of fittings required with a control system that helps achieve even greater energy savings.

Interactive Showroom

Drop into our interactive showrooms with your client to inspire them on how lighting can transform a space in our unique “Lighting pods”.

sleek kitchen with strong lines of light above and below the kitchen island


Whether residential or hospitality, let us help you add value to your project, from both a technical and creative point of view. We can help to maximise the impact of the architecture with use of light by effectively placing the fittings as well as making the most of the lighting budget.

Control systems are a great way of saving energy and we can ensure that any system is easy and uncomplicated to use. Discover the power of light and how we can help you to shape it as an architect to maximise your client’s lifestyle.

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