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Embark on a journey through our latest luxury new build project which gave us the unique opportunity to showcase our lighting design flare and turn-key offering. Our team was approached by professionals with extensive experience in large-scale construction seeking expertise in luxury residential design. Nestled in the heart of Essex, England, the goal for this grand family home was to epitomise opulence while seamlessly blending functionality with comfort.

Luke Thomas, Design Director reveals the details of this luxury new build lighting design scheme including the challenges, and the final result.

Design Director Luke Thomas, John Cullen discusses luxury family home lighting design
The Brief

Our mission was clear: deliver a holistic lighting solution for both the vast interiors and the picturesque surrounding landscape of this sprawling new build property, spanning four meticulously crafted floors tailored to the family’s every need:

  • A subterranean haven offering a luxurious wellness and spa complex.
  • A ground floor dedicated to living and entertainment, complete with a private cinema and a dedicated worship space.
  • A first floor featuring the principle suite and additional family bedrooms.
  • And lastly, a dedicated guest and family suite on the second floor.


The lighting design served as a cornerstone, orchestrating the ambiance and seamlessly guiding transitions between communal gathering spaces and intimate retreats.

Elegant dining room lighting with uplighting to mural wallpaper

Central to the property’s allure was the breathtaking spiral staircase, an architectural marvel visible from every floor. Our challenge was to accentuate its sweeping design with a sleek, linear lighting detail, navigating the complexities of concealed steel frames within the walls. Through relentless collaboration, we refined proposals until achieving a design that harmonized aesthetic vision with technical precision.

Spiral staircase with linear lighting and hanging pendant

The innovative movable pool floor presented its own set of challenges, requiring a lighting system adaptable enough to transform the space from serene swimming sanctuary to vibrant event venue at the push of a button. Controlled by a sophisticated Lutron system, the lighting effortlessly adapts to preset scenes throughout, nowhere more impactful than in the luxurious basement retreat.

Pool with coffer ceiling detail and wall lights
The outcome

The culmination of our collaborative efforts is a harmonious synergy of architecture, interiors, and lighting. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to pay homage to the client’s Indian heritage, creating a space that feels both personal and authentic.

Living area lighting scheme with downlights to art and pannelling
Ground Floor

A number of different living areas provide relaxed areas to both unwind and entertain. For the image above, a more traditional approach was taken to the lighting with Polespring 40s lighting the panels and the center of the coffee table. Polespring 50s light the art and your eye is drawn through to the hallway beyond with Lucca 30s lighting the door frame and the curved wall beyond.

For the living area below which sits at the end of the kitchen surrounded by glass onto the garden beyond, carefully concealed Contour HD LED strip lights through the voile curtains and subtly lights up the light well above.  Carefully positioned Vorsa Fix 30 spotlights provide pools of light onto the centre of the coffee tables creating a more intimate space.

Living area with downlit curtains and pools of light over the two coffee tables

The kitchen sits at the other end of the living space above. Here decorative pendants set the scene whilst Polespring 40s provide task light to the island and wash light down the front of the cupboards and curtains. This is layered with Contour LED strip under the island and the cabinets providing task light onto the work surfaces. A further layer is added with Lucca 30 uplights framing the windows.

kitchen lighting with pendants and down and uplights
Leisure spaces

The cinema and snooker room and discreetly hidden off the main hall. The lighting was designed to offer different light levels to suit the experience required. At low level, Contour LED strip is concealed under the steps to guide your way and concealed at high level to add interest. Infill light and lighting to the artwork is provided by Polespring 50s.

Luxury home cinema and games room with ceiling detail lighting

For the home office, we not only provided task light over the desk with Polespring 40s but also backlit the integrated joinery unit and uplit the window reveals with Lucca 30s.

Home office with joinery unit lit with linear strip and uplighting to window reveals

The elegant lighting designs for the luxurious bedrooms across the first and second floors provide sanctuaries to be enjoyed both during the day and at night. In the master bedroom below, hanging pendants either side of the bed are complimented with Polespring 40 downlights to the headboard and end of the bed and Lucca 30s uplighting to the art behind catching the 3D butterflies on them and the door frame to lead you to the bathroom.

luxury bedroom with hanging pendants and downlights

Each bathroom had a different style, allowing for varying imaginative designs for each. Here Polespring 40s light the perimeter emphasising the curve of the shower. Individual niches are downlit with Lucca 30s.

Luxury curved shower area with downlights skimming the walls
Dressing Room

The master dressing room features a central pendant. The light from this is supplemented with Polespring 40 downlights directing light to the center of the island, cupboard fronts and the dressing table. Depth is added with Minims lighting the niches either side of the mirror and Contour LED front lighting the handbag section and underlighting the cabinetry.

luxury lighting for dressing room with shelf and joinery lighting

Our meticulous lighting design brings this Essex masterpiece to life, and is the embodiment of luxury living and impeccable design.

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Photography: James Balston

AV: Clarke Infinity