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We are proud to present a fantastic collaboration with La Bottega Interiors, designing the luxury resort lighting at Malakiya Villas, a breathtaking beachfront resort nestled within the prestigious enclave of Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf, Dubai.

Suraj Francis, Lighting Designer reveals the details of the project and final result.

Suraj Francis Lighting Designer, John Cullen discusses Malikiya Villas resort lighting design
The Brief

Malikiya Villas is a sanctuary of opulence, redesigned and crafted by Interior designer Sahar Al Yaseer from LaBottega Interiors. With a classic and timeless modernity infused into the interiors, we were tasked with crafting a bespoke, luxury resort lighting design that would seamlessly integrate with the coastal-inspired aesthetics, elevating the ambience, and enhancing the overall guest experience.

Shelving with mirrored backdrop and integrated joinery lighting

Drawing inspiration from the serene coastal environment, the interior design concept embraces the natural elements of sand, coral, and seafoam hues. LaBottega’s careful selection of material, textures and decorative elements mirrors the relaxing essence of the shoreline, creating a harmonious blend of luxury. In harmony with this vision, John Cullen Lighting adopted a comprehensive approach, designing a lighting scheme that enhanced the resort’s inherent coastal charm.

Bathroom lighting, John Cullen design for Malikiya hotel

The key aspects of the lighting design for this hotel project were simplicity and discreet products, whilst elevating the interiors and experience of visitors. We carefully selected and placed luminaires, incorporating dimmable fixtures managed through a control system, allowing the user to choose desired scenes according to activities or the atmosphere preferred. Joinery, artwork and other architectural features were precisely lit to create focal points within the space. Polespring Pure 50 downlights were used as the main architectural lighting for the villa, with varying beam angles for different applications.

The niches were illuminated with Lucca 30 downlights, adding depth to interior spaces with precision and elegance.

Living area of hotel with coving lighting

Within the coving and some of the joinery elements Contour strips were installed in various aluminium profiles depending on the application and desired effect. Backlighting effects were applied to the joinery to achieve a silhouette effect of the displayed objects.

Living area Malikiya

The villas are flooded with beautiful natural light pouring in to every room, creating a welcoming atmosphere. However, when designing the lighting scheme, we made a conscious decision not to rely solely on natural light source. Considerations for guests at the hotel who may have different preferences when it comes to opening or closing blinds were taken into account, and we wanted to ensure a consistent experience regardless of the time of the day. To achieve that, we carefully circuited and adjusted the brightness levels of both architectural and decorative light sources in each room to create a balanced and inviting ambience. This way, guests can easily adapt the mood to their liking with just a simple press of the button on the keypad, making their stay even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Bathroom Malikya 2
The Challenges

This luxury resort lighting design was a renovation project that needed to be completed within a tight timeframe. Revisions in interior design based on several factors are common in projects. However, making changes and executing the revised lighting design within a limited timeframe can be challenging. Coordination meetings, and site visits with the interior design team and project management team were required for the smooth completion of the project on time, without compromising on design quality or aesthetics. As this was a renovation project, we encountered challenges when installing both architectural and decorative luminaires in some areas because of the existing HVAC systems. However, we effectively managed this by repositioning fittings and suggesting alternative layouts, enabling us to preserve the aesthetic integrity of the initial design concept.

dining area wit pendant lighting and coffer lighting

In our commitment to recommending sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions, the use of control systems was key. Additionally, we installed door-operated switches (DOS) in all wardrobes and motion sensors (PIR) in dressing rooms and bathrooms. This not only reduces unnecessary energy consumption but also adds convenience for guests, eliminating the need to reach the lighting control keypads in the middle of the night. The lighting is automatically turned on in dim scene, directing the user towards the dressing room and the bathroom by detecting movement.

Living area 2 Malikiya

The collaboration between LaBottega and John Cullen Lighting culminated in the transformation of Malakiya Villas into an exquisite haven of luxury and tranquility. The integration of lighting design with the interiors has elevated the guest experience to new heights. Each space within the villas has an inviting ambience, with carefully curated lighting scenes that adapt to the preferences and moods of the guests. From the discreet illumination of key architectural features, to a focus on user experience and sustainable solutions, the final result is a testament to the successful fusion of design expertise and lighting innovation. The hotel lighting design exceeded the client expectations in creating a truly remarkable retreat experience.

La Bottega and Malikiya Villas logos

Malikiya Villas, Jumeirah

Interior Design: La Bottega

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