Downlighting is an excellent tool to use for highlighting features in your home. It is only by carefully positioning of downlights that they will add atmosphere and drama rather than just light. They should be kept in a minimum in any scheme. Each downlight should have a purpose and they should never be placed in a grid. It is all about what you are lighting not creating patterns in your ceiling.

  • pinspotting the centre of a coffee table

    1.Pin spotting coffee or dining tables

    Downlights are an excellent tool to add atmosphere and drama to a room by lighting the centre of a coffee or dining table.  Use a narrow beam to either pin spot or use two downlights to cross light. This will provide a focus in the centre of the room creating a more intimate environment.

  • washing light down curtains

    2.Washing light down curtains

    Use downlights to wash light down the front of your curtains so that they can be seen at night. This will not only provide a soft reflected light back into the room but also show off the texture and colours of your curtain fabric at night.

  • use downlighting to highlight flowers

    3.Highlight flowers or objects

    Downlights are an excellent way of showing off flowers or objects which you love.  Lighting them with a wide or narrow beam focus will ensure they are shown off at night as they are given a focus and a sparkle.

  • downlighting over kitchen island

    4.Task lighting over kitchen island

    Task lighting is important in the kitchen so that you can see to prepare and cook your food.  Downlights provide an excellent way to achieve task lighting as they can direct light specifically to the surface where you do most of the work.  Position them carefully over a kitchen island and over your work surfaces. Alternatively place them so that they wash light down the front of cupboards which will reflect directly onto your work surface below.

  • carefully positioned downlights lighting artwork

    5.Lighting artwork

    Downlights are one of the best tools for lighting artwork throughout your home.  The exact position of the downlight will depend on your ceiling height and the tilt of the fitting you are using. Always ensure that you select an LED with a high CRI (colour rendition index) so that they show the true colours in the art. Read more in our article How to Select LEDs.

  • shafts of light down back of the shower


    Never position downlights in a grid as all you will achieve is a bland wash of light.  The space will look evenly lit and flat. Also avoid placing them over people’s heads as this is uncomfortable for the person under them and is not very flattering.  Instead position the fittings for the light at hand.

  • 7.Get the look

    We offer a range of downlights to suit your requirements from smaller fitting such as the Polespring 30 range or Polespring 40 to more powerful fittings such as the Polespring 50 or 50+.  Alternative versions include IP rated versions, the Aquabeam and Waterspring or Square versions either Trim or Trimless or single or double.