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The lighting for this new construction in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, seamlessly integrates architectural and decorative elements to achieve a highly effective result. Our Senior Designer, Elaine Hernandez discusses the pivotal role that lighting design played in establishing an inviting and ambient atmosphere within this elegant interior design studio and workplace.

Elaine Hernandez Lighting Designer and Lumi Interiors Studio lighting scheme
The Brief

This three-storey office project is situated in Palm Jumeriah, within a typically corporate setting. However, Interior Designer Alua Kulibayeva and her team at Lumi Interiors expressed a desire to cultivate their boutique style, steering away from the conventional austere office feel. The interior design scheme significantly influences the overall atmosphere, and we were delighted to be asked to design the lighting to enhance these aspects, but also deliver practical solutions for general office needs. Our task was to create a sophisticated ambience that combined functionality with a touch of luxury, reflecting the high standards associated with this exclusive location. We worked to deliver a scheme that transforms the environment into a dynamic and invigorating space, for both clients and employees.

Board room with coffer ceiling lighting
The Challenges

Maintaining a clean aesthetic for the ceiling was crucial as this was relatively low compared to UAE standards.

Another significant challenge was the limited natural light in the office’s location. This required a thoughtful approach to ensure the artificial lighting not only compensated for this, but also elevated the atmosphere, avoiding harsh lighting that could compromise the sophistication of the space.

sculpted artwork lit with soft wash from downlights

Indirect lighting

To minimize glare and create a softer atmosphere, we incorporated indirect lighting solutions. This included linear lighting details to the joineries using our Contour LED strip and strategically placed micro Minim joinery downlights to create extra focus onto the objects themselves and not just to the rear of the joinery.

JOinery shelves lit with linear lighting and downlights to front of wall

Architectural lighting

Lucca 30 steplights were incorporated to illuminate the staircase from the basement to the first floor providing a guiding, skimming light across each tread.

wooden stair treads lit with miniature Lucca 30 steplights washing across

Our Polespring Pure 50’s were used to provide general lighting within the space as well as creating focal points to interior elements. This achieved a harmonious balance between practical task lighting and accent lighting.

The Contour Edge wall grazer was used to enhance the striking double-height wall feature in the reception area, adding visual appeal and highlighting the artwork with a soft wash of light.

Artwork lit with downlights, and a wall wash uplight highlighting floor to ceiling mural

Decorative lighting

Custom-designed pendant lights, wall lights and chandeliers were introduced to serve as focal points, adding a touch of opulence to key areas within the office. These fixtures were carefully selected to complement the overall design aesthetic.

Hallway with mixture of decorative and architectural lighting from uplights and downlights

Smart Lighting Controls

Implementing smart lighting controls allowed for customisation of light levels throughout the day. This not only contributed to energy efficiency, but also enabled the creation of different scenes, from a bright and productive workspace during working hours to a more subdued ambience for after-hours meetings or events.

interior design studio with back-lit shelves

Alua Kulibayeva, Founder and Creative Director of Lumi Interiors wanted to prioritise practicality and comfort within the space, also adding elegance, luxury and atmosphere. ‘Lighting is the key to any space. Without successful lighting, a scheme and interior can look dull and features are not highlighted. Lighting brings your interiors to the next level’.

seating are with artwork lit wit downlights on a low level lighting scene

The completed lighting design successfully elevates the office space into an elegant and sophisticated environment. The careful selection of fixtures, the strategic use of indirect lighting, and the implementation of smart controls contributed to a workspace that not only met the functional requirements but also exceeded the client’s expectations in terms of aesthetics and ambience.

Lumi Interiors

Sculptural artwork lit with downlights