Perfect Home Lighting with Interior Designer Shalini Misra and Sally Storey

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Our Creative Director Sally Storey joined Interior Designer Shalini Misra in a conversation about the lighting design in her home. Watch our latest video as Sally and Shalini reveal the details on this stunning project, plus discover tips on how to create the perfect home lighting.

Pieces of artwork lit within a beautiful living room

In Shalini’s wonderful Victorian London home, detailed attention to a stunning art collection was required. Particular focus on where the art was going to be placed and the textures and surfaces of pieces was important. This determined the light effects that could be used to best display it.

Shalini Misra's hallway, lit with Lucca step lights

The approach to the lighting on this project followed the interiors, the different textures and how they worked together – from a stunning marble staircase through to intricate silk wallpaper. Multi-layered lighting effects were introduced to complement the different materials throughout the property.

Ombre spiral staircase lit with lucca steplights

Decorative and architectural lighting combined between the floors

Connection between both decorative and architectural lighting was key within the project so that they worked closely together. Sally introduced a sculptural piece of lighting through the marble staircase by introducing Contour linear LED strips under each tread. By lighting each slab of marble this gave a floating effect and reflected light off the red tin tiles surrounding the staircase.

Open plan living area with LED strip lit marble staircase

Study lighting with decorative and downlights to focus light

A picture window bringing in lots of natural light in the day needed to be lit at night. It became a piece of art at night and by lighting the installation at night it created a different feel but still a feeling of extension into outdoor space. Extending the space outside and the connection between the open plan areas through to the terrace and garden beyond was key.

Lighting a picture window extends the view to the outdoor space

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Interior Design: Shalini Misra Ltd

Photography: James Balston