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A combination of plaster-in single Trimless and Double Trimless fittings blend in with the plastered ceiling to create a minimal architectural effect. Positions are cleverly positioned by our designers to highlight what is required; the cupboard fronts, both ends of the kitchen islands and the centre of the dining table layered lighting is added to create maximum impact. Warm Contour HD24 LED strip is discreetly added in a detail to the two skylights overhead.

Also a feature has been made of the artwork in the niche at the far end of the space with the addition of a low glare Etta Eyelid Undercupboard light. The finishing touch is the addition of lighting to the outdoor swimming pool space in the garden.

Lucca uplights emphasise the doorway and the length of the swimming pool. At the far end, Wall Downlights light up the outdoor shower.

Further Inspiration

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