Ideal for adding an additional layer of architectural lighting and interest in a room as well as highlighting key features.

  • Uplighting architectural features

    1.Uplighting architectural details

    Great for highlighting architectural details such as arches, door frames or curved walls.

  • Lucca uplights window reveals

    2.Uplighting window reveals

    Think of lighting up window reveals to add extra impact – ideal in both contemporary and traditional applications.

  • Lucca uplight fireplace surround

    3.Uplighting fireplaces

    Fire surrounds also look fabulous when uplight as the light catches on the detailing.

  • Lucca uplighting external brick work


    Set the light close to the vertical face for the best effect.

  • 5.Get the look

    Miniature Luccinis are a very discreet option and useful in most applications. Lucca uplights are ideal for when you require a bit more light. For a plug-in solution, choose the Square Highlight.