What’s trending in kitchen lighting?

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When looking at what is trending in lighting, this new build kitchen project is an excellent example of the latest techniques used. With excellent ceiling heights, crittal windows overlooking the garden and ample space for the kitchen, a dining area, wine cellar and bar, this kitchen has all the attributes we have come to aspire to in a kitchen.

Clever concealed lighting through the space not only enhances the features within the space but has created the atmosphere and drama at night adding another dimension.

luxury lighting in open plan kitchen diner

From the entrance to the kitchen the tone is set for the visual feast beyond. One of the first trends which is obvious from the outset is that the lighting is coming from all angles creating impact.  The layered lighting effects combine a mixture of downlight, uplight and linear lighting to enhance the space.

decorative lighting over dining table and bar

Decorative lighting still plays a key role in adding a softer dimension to the hard lines of a kitchen. In a kitchen with a high ceiling such as this one, it can also help to create a more intimate feeling when dining and congregating around the bar.  Visually it is always more pleasing to consider a run of odd numbers of pendants than even.

layered lighting showing floating effect under island on and off

Our next trend is to use downlights to not only enhance the finishes and textures of your kitchen units but also provide task light.  Downlights should never be placed in a grid but always carefully positioned where you need the light. Here scallops of light with Polespring downlights gently graze down the units emphasising the grain and colour of the walnut finishes. Square Double downlights provide ample lighting over the kitchen island to performs your tasks whether preparing food or doing your homework or paperwork.

You can see the difference that the trend for adding a Contour LED strip under the island has to the look of your kitchen. This simple technique adds an extra dimension and layer of interest as well as showing off the wonderful walnut finish beneath the island top.

Strip lighting in bar and uplighting to windows

The addition of bars into the home has become quite a trend and getting the lighting right makes the difference between one that attracts or detracts. The decorative lights draw you in but the Contour LED linear strip washes light down the front of the bar creating an inviting glos.  It is also used to provide side lighting to the shelves adding sparkle to the colourful drinks.  A further layer of light is added by Lucca uplights to the crittal windows both above and below adding another dimension of light.

A further trend where glazed doors are used is to light outside so that your eyes are drawn outside adding to the feeling of space inside.  Here we used a combination of External Lucca uplights to emphasise the brick wall and spiked Kews spotlights and Hamptons Floodlights throughout the planting.

softly lit walnut wine racks

In recent years more and more clients have liked to create an area for wine storage within their kitchen. The integration of lighting ensures this becomes a feature within the space. Here miniature Luccini downlights create a feature of the decanters in the centre and Contour LED strip shines light onto the face of the bottles both above and below.

Finally the circuits of lights are carefully controlled by a pre-set scene control system. This ensures that their are four scenes carefully set to suit the clients requirement from morning, noon to night.  There is even a scene where the addition of one downlight over the dining table gives the owner an extra light to read by. What more could you want from a bespoke lighting design service!