Meet Minim – the new miniature joinery luminaire

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Minim the new joinery downlight

Introducing the new Minim. This miniature luminaire will revolutionise joinery lighting. No deeper nor wider than the diameter of a 5 pence piece and no bigger than an ear pod, it will disappear into your scheme.

Minim joinery light lighting a pear sculpture in shelving

It may be small but with over 70 lumen output and a high CRI of 97 it shows your objects in their true colours. Cheap to run with each fitting being just 1W, the Minim comes in narrow (19°), medium (40°) and wide (80°) beams to create dramatic effects to suit your display. The Minim comes without a bezel, in a black finish. Choose from four accessory bezels to match your interior – White, Brass, Nickel and Bronze.

MInim finshes - comes in 4 bezel finishes

Discover more about Minim and see the full technical specification.

Minim the new joinery downlight

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