Hallway Lighting Ideas

Plan your hall lighting carefully as it can make or break this space which is often neglected. It is your guest's first impression of your home, so it should set the tone for the rest of the house to come. It is best to aim for drama not symmetry by layering your lighting effects. A decorative pendant or lantern may set the visual tone but it is the architectural effects that will create the drama.

  • wall light with architectural lighting in a hall

    1.Wall lights

    Wall lights are a great way of adding lighting in narrow spaces instead of table lamps. The addition of architectural lighting such as downlights to light the artwork in between or flowers on the console table not only provide a focus on your key pieces but also increase the feeling of space.

  • uplit hallway with lit flowers

    2.Think about uplighting

    Why just use downlight?  It looks great when lighting the flowers here but the addition of uplight to these shutter boxes adds drama and elegance making it the perfect entrance. Either the Lucca or Luccini are great to achieve this.

  • hallway lighting london hallway

    3.Stair lighting

    By lighting features down your hall your eye is drawn through the space to the points of interest beyond.  Here every third tread is lit with a Cazalla floor washer as well as the floor of the hall.  Lighting is further layered with the use of Luccinis in the two window reveals.

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  • grade listed ceiling in hall lighting

    4.Architectural features

    Consider lighting your architectural features in your hall especially if you have a ceiling as beautiful as this one.  Here we used two layers of Contour HD24 to uplight both the cornice and the barrel vaulted ceiling above. The finishing touch is the Lucca uplights to the pillars to guide you through the space.

  • country house hall lighting

    5.Layered lighting

    Layered lighting not only adds interest but also provides practical lighting solutions.  The strong red art either side to the hall is lit with low glare high CRI Polespring downlights. This has been combined with a layer of  uplight with Luccas shaping the door and uplighting the window reveals.  The final layer is the Sirolo floorwashers to highlight the great flooring.

  • contemporary double height hall

    6.Double height spaces

    With double height entrance halls, remember to light artwork at high level or at the top of the stairs to draw your eye up beyond the ground floor level and expand your sense of space. In this image, a framing projector provides precision illumination to this bright canvas. Alternatively, use a directional Polespring downlight with the correct beam width to bring focus to your artwork or sculptures.

  • Contemporary hall with linear lighting

    7.Linear lighting

    Another great lighting technique to use in a hall is linear lighting.  It has a more contemporary feel and creates a strong look.  Here we have lit the under side of every tread with Contour HD27 LED strip.  Not only does this light the stair tread beneath but also casts wonderful patterns down the wall.  The courtyard beyond is also lit using the exterior Contour HDX27.