Floor Washing

Floor washing is an effect which, as the name suggests, skims light across a floor or steps to illuminate the floor.

  • floor washing lighting down corridors

    1.Skim light across floors

    In kitchens, corridors or bathrooms, floor washing adds an extra layer of light at low level.  It skims lights across the floor both showing off the floor covering and guiding you through the space.   If linked to a presence detector (PIR), they can be set to operate automatically upon detection of movement ideal for corridors or bathrooms.

  • Increase feeling of space with floor washers on stairs

    2.Increase feeling of space

    Adding low level lighting on a staircase is the perfect alternative to positioning downlights in a sloping ceiling above or into inaccessible locations. They will also take up far less room than a decorative wall light so if the staircase is narrow this can be a benefit. Can be particularly useful on basement stairs with little or no natural light.

  • linear stair lighting technique

    3.Linear stair lighting

    With contemporary open staircases, adding linear lighting underneath each tread provides a striking effect.  Careful details are required to make this work.

  • exterior floor and step washing of steps and paving

    4.Illumination for safety

    Exterior pathways and steps can be illuminated using wall or floor recessed lighting. This can be an important safety feature but also as a visual effect to draw the eye between different tiers of the garden and to bring focus to beautiful stone paving.

  • Lighting floor washing in kitchen


    There are two main effects which can be achieved. One option is to highlight the texture of the floor finish using a light that skims across. This should be set very low in the wall or into the floor itself. The second option is to position the light higher on the wall which will achieve a softer, wider lighting effect.

  • manhattan floor washer in brushed stainless steel

    6.Get the look

    For a skimming effect use the Lucca 30 Steplight or Guida. For a softer wash use the Cazalla or Sirolo. Most of the lights can be used either inside or outside.