Product manufacture with turning machine


Our in-house product designers have developed all of our luminaires to deliver exceptional quality of light within the most discreet form. It’s a balance between the two. Our focus is on the effect produced and on unobtrusive fixtures that stand the test of time.

Product designers in action


We create fittings that are beautiful, sleek, and understated – hidden when they need to be. They are often copied and rarely surpassed.


Our luminaires are engineered with incomparable light effects as the priority, including the correct amount of light, natural colour, colour consistency, and low glare. Featuring patented innovations, the fittings are all precision engineered supporting British manufacturing, independently tested, and rigorously quality-checked to ensure flawless light output.


For 30 years our iconic Polespring® has set the standard in downlights and the Sirolo® in floor-wash lighting. Every year we add new products to our luxury lighting toolbox to offer a broader range of solutions, and offer a warranty on all products.


All of our luminaires are designed with our environment in mind supporting British manufacturing to minimise our footprint. By optimising the design of each component within the manufacturing process, we are able to keep waste to the minimum (and even then it is recycled where possible).

award winning vorsa dot and Vorsa Frame

The ultimate accolade is to win awards for your work and the team have achieved just that. Vorsa Frame, designed by Matt Healey (above right) and Vorsa Dot, designed by Alex Leck, (above left) have both won an award for both the Products and Fixtures category and the Track Lighting category at the prestigious LIT Lighting Design Awards. Vorsa Dot was also short listed at the FX Product Awards too.