John Cullen founder of John Cullen Lighting

At John Cullen Lighting we believe in enhancing the enjoyment of spaces through the power of light. From the very beginning to the present day, this passion and understanding of the impact of light motivates us to create world-class luminaires and award-winning lighting designs with this ethos at the core.

Sally Storey, Creative Director of John Cullen Lighting

John Cullen (pictured above) was a pioneer in lighting design. As a lighting designer for BBC screen productions, he was fascinated with the effect of light and his passion led him to found the company in 1981. He struck up a collaboration with lighting designer Sally Storey, and together they forged the basic principles that drive the company to this day, to create understated luminaries capable of inspiring effects. The first showroom opened in Smith Street, London in 1981 designed by Sally Storey and the brand was immediately recognised for its unique approach and philosophy.

When John died, Sally stepped in at the helm and continues to innovate the brand as Creative Director, with a deep belief to inspire through the power of light. We have grown from our Chelsea roots to be a global team, with offices in London, Dubai, Paris and Mumbai, working on projects across the world.


At John Cullen, we believe that our strength lies in our people and how we work with our clients, so much so that our values relate both to the relationship we have with our clients and to the support we give our people.

Committed to our clients and people

– Offering peace of mind throughout the project, providing an unparalleled, bespoke end-to-end service
– Providing a great place to work and develop


– Adding value to our clients’ projects through the work we do, and to their lives
– Adding value to our people through professional development


– Working closely with our clients to understand and deliver on their needs
– Working effectively together for maximum impact


– Striving to excel in all we do for our clients, to exceed expectations
– Building the skills and knowledge of the team to deliver excellence

Passionate about the power of light

– Enjoying the beauty we create and the positive effect we can have on spaces and lives
– To share our passion with clients and potential clients, expanding the appreciation of light

About John Cullen
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