Spa Lighting - Weavers' House Spa

31 / 07 / 2015

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When The Swan Hotel in Lavenham, Suffolk, added a spa to their hotel, they approached John Cullen to design their spa lighting. Sally Storey designed a scheme using our products to enhance the features of the spa and create a “home-like” relaxing atmosphere.

spa lighting design

The relaxation room uses our Contour HD27 to produce a soft wash of uplight and individual Pocket of Lights, with touch off/on and dimming switches, provide a reading light for each bed.

spa lighting design

1w Luccas uplight the treatment room door ways and at low level 1w Cazalla’s wash light across the floor to provide a low level light to guide your way.

For more inspiration,do see this video of the spa lighting.

For more details on the spa at the Swan Hotel, visit their website.