Project Spotlight: Award-winning Lighting in London Grade-Listed Home

02 / 09 / 2022

kitchen lighting scheme for award winning lighting design for grade listed home

The brief

The brief for this project was to create a home away from home – a comforting space for the client and their extensive art collection. The property is an elegant grade-listed building in London which meant there were restrictions in place which affected the lighting design and products used. Our team worked within these parameters to create a flexible and successful scheme, both highlighting artworks and providing an atmospheric space to be in. Along with the art, decorative lighting featured heavily in each room and the addition of the layer of architectural lighting created additional accents and drama to each area. We are delighted to have been awarded a LIT Design Award 2022 for Residential Lighting for this stunning project.

Art lighting in grade-listed London home

The solutions

1. Art

The art was central to each space and we used various solutions to light the collection. Vorsa Port 30 and Vorsa 50 spotlights were used to discreetly light the larger canvases as seen above. This was coupled with a further Vorsa 30 spotlight to light up the centre of the coffee table adding atmosphere to the space.

wallace picture lights light stunning artworks

Wallace picture lights light a number of pieces of art for variation and for a more traditional approach and as a solution to meet the building guidelines. The Vorsa 50 is seen lighting the artwork on the right.

low level lighting and sculpture lighting in london home

At the end of the hall, a wonderful statue of Ganesh sits on a plinth. This is both back-lit with floor recessed Lucca uplights and top lit with Polespring 40 downlights to add drama and guide you down to the bedrooms at the end of the corridor.

2. Joinery

back lit shelving in dining room

Adding lighting to joinery is another way of adding interest and a focal point in any property. Above we added it to back-light the bar area at the end of the dining room. This adds both depth and drama. A clever control system ensures that along with the decorative fitting they can be dimmed to create an atmospheric dining scene.

In the bedroom below, no downlights were allowed, so we introduced front lighting with Contour HD27 within the joinery to provide soft lighting with the dressing room area.

softly lit shelving with view to bedroom beyond

Where recessed downlights could not be used, Contour linear strip was integrated into the joinery units to provide a soft glow and focal point.

3. Kitchen

Contour HD27  is used at high level lighting to lift the space and highlight architectural features such as the ceiling cornice in this kitchen. It is also used under the kitchen island to create a floating effect.

kitchen lighting with high level lighting

4. Bedroom

Low level lighting was incorporated throughout the property to guide one through the space and connect rooms. Below you can see how the door frames to the kitchen and principle drawing room where uplit using Lucca 3os.

Low level uplight to door frames

Throughout, layers of both decorative and architectural light were applied to provide the perfect balance of task, ambient and accent light. Light was only placed where necessary – to emphasise artwork and sculpture, key features, and enhance materials and texture.

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Interior Design: Leconfield Property Group
Photography: James Balston