Welcoming the new Vorsa Dot

08 / 09 / 2023


vorsa dot fixed shelf light lighting up objects on shelf

The reimagined Vorsa Dot is set to be your new go-to product for joinery lighting  – now as a semi-recessed luminaire. As versatile as ever, this discreet miniature product is ideal for spotlighting objects in shelving and joinery. Use as a single fitting or a combination of multiple fittings on both horizontal and vertical surfaces to light your objects precisely. With a choice of narrow, medium or wide beams, the Vorsa Dot allows your lighting to be as tailored as your display. Its ability to both rotate 360° and tilt 90° ensures greater flexibility even once installed.

two vorsa dots cross light sculpture

Its small size (Ø12 x 26MM) delivers a market-leading high 73LM and its new fixed position not only makes it easier for you to specify but also to install.

The Vorsa Dot is in stock now in a stunning anodised bronze finish. Call Sales for pricing.

A single Vorsa Dot shines a light on prescious jewellery