Our Miniature Downlight Range

27 / 04 / 2018

Our new miniature 40 downlight range is our punchiest and most compact offering to date with an impressive size to performance ratio. A miniaturised version of our renowned 69mm bezel downlight range, the 40 downlight range is 15% smaller with a bezel of just 59mm yet delivers virtually the same level of luminaire lumens.

The design has been fine tuned to deliver the highest lumen output possible within its miniaturised form. The LED engine 40 is more than 35% smaller in volume compared to our larger standard LED Engine 50, with a reduced product height of 64mm. This reduction in size allows our fittings to be specified in more spatially demanding environments whilst remaining visually unobtrusive.

Integral to the design of the LED Engine 40 is our unique patent-pending twist and lock mechanism. This feature is present in all dedicated housing accessories, promoting versatility within the 40 Downlight Range and enabling easy installation on-site and quick changes during commissioning without the need for tools.

Currently products in the range are our Polespring and Waterspring downlights. Other products in our downlight range will soon be launched in a mini version also, so do keep an eye out.

For more information on the 40 range, please contact your nearest office.