Review of LuxLive 2016

07 / 12 / 2016

From 23rd – 24th November 2016, members of the different JCL teams attended LuxLive 2016 at the Excel in London. Not only is it a great place to network with fellow industry members but also to listen to other industry leaders on what they see the future might look like.


The trends that we saw at the exhibition were:

  • IoT lighting revolution – Keywords include VLC (Visible Lighting Communication), LiFi/Optical Atto-Cell Network, SMART/Myria mesh, Bluetooth, KNX Protocol, NGR, THREAD
  • Wired or Wireless Control Solutions
  • Security – Keywords include Secure clouds, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Mini ‘BMS’ Solution
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The future of lighting is heading towards more IoT lighting, however the security is a huge issue and there are many aspects to consider. If you are looking at having a smart building you need to think of what you want the lights/software to do, how flexible the control solution needs to be, the security around the software that you are using, and what are the building regulations in that particular building.

To keep up with the ever-changing industry, new partnerships will start to form, to work with IoT products like the Amazon Echo, for example we have partnered with GOOEE. Lighting companies will start to become more service/business solution led rather than product led.

luxlive 2016

The other main trend that we noticed was around BIM and there were a number of conference sessions surrounding the topic. The industry is moving from a 2D to a 3D exercise and thus lighting companies need to be flexible in the way they provide the information. LuxLive 2016 content director Ray Molony says:

BIM is changing the face of construction and it is certainly changing the process of lighting specification in fundamental ways. By focusing on BIM this year we hope to help the industry and the wider specification community get to grips with the platform and make the best use of it to achieve great buildings, speedily and cost-effectively.”

Back in September 2016, we made all of our products BIM ready to aid the design process click here for more information.

John Cullen lighting is BIM ready

Products that caught our eyes on exhibitor’s stands:

  • Artificial windows that reproduce the true effect of the light and space of the outdoor from ‎CoeLux® (below)

applec stand funky pattern

  • Vexica is more for commercial use but it is a fun and invigorating space to be in (below)


We are looking forward to seeing what the trends are at the next LuxLive.