Lighting for Family Townhouse

08 / 09 / 2020

When this family home was renovated and a new extension built, we were bought in to design the lighting scheme. The clients were extremely sporty with a young family and were looking to achieve a family home which allowed everyone to be active. Design Director Luke Thomas and Senior Designer Hazel Park worked closely with Alexandra Dixon Interiors and Stamos Yeoh Architects to design a lighting scheme which complimented the interiors.

lighitng high tech home gym

One of the key features in the house was the new 3 metre high basement which houses the climbing frame, multi-gym and plunge pool. With multiple activities taking place in this area, the lights needed to work hard to invigorate for high impact functions and provide a relaxing environment for yoga practice. A combination of Square 50 downlights were used with a carefully detailed series of Contour LED strips which were programmed to move with the runner. Clever circuiting allows for the downlights to be off when practising yoga to avoid glare.

moving running track lighting

The feature of strong linear lines were also continued on the way to the pool.  Vertical slots were lit with Contour HD27 to create a visual impact on the way to the pool. It was also used to under light each stair tread from the ground floor above.

linear lighting on corridor to swimming pool

The living room was made to feel cosy with plenty of cushions and throws and the lighting complimented this. Low glare Polespring downlights were selected to highlight the art and the centre of the coffee table. The fireplace surround was uplight with Lucca 30s to emphasise it.

cosy living room lighting

In the master bedroom, simple niches lit with Lucca 30s highlight objects and Polespring downlights highlight the curtains, bedhead and the end of the bed.

Master bedroom with niches either side of bed

Atmospheric lighting was created in the bathrooms to compliment the textures of the interiors. Waterspring downlights skim down walls and Lucca 30 uplights skim up window reveals.

warm, relaxing bathroom lighting

Lighting was added to the kids’ bedrooms to create features of the strong colours used. Etta Eyelids light the alcoves behind each bunk bed and Contour HD27 front light the bookcase.

lighting for colourful kids bedroom

Finally as you will see in the video, lighting is used to seamlessly connect the house to the garden with light too.

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