A Collector Extraordinaire's Home

30 / 11 / 2021

Ian and Christa Taylor, owner of Kaleidoscope Collection of hotels, has created the most extraordinary home full of incredible collections which are all displayed throughout this large terrace house. Acquired over a number of years at hotel sales like the Mandarin Oriental, along with specially commissioned items, they have bought the pieces together so that each individual room in their property has a surprise.

Creative Director Sally Storey explains how the lighting design throughout focused mostly on lighting the collections as well as providing both feature and accent lighting to the period property.

large decorative chandelier in living room with spotlights

The main drawing room and side sitting rooms are both dominated by the most enormous chandeliers. As seen in the above image, it spans 4 metres and drops 2 metres. In the centre a narrow beam Vorsa 50 spotlight was added to light the centre of the coffee table. Lamps give a soft welcoming layer of light. As the building was Listed and could not have recessed downlights, surface mounted Vorsa spotlights were used around the perimeter to light key features.

cosy sitting room with uplit firepalce and two large chandeliers

In this sitting room, two huge chandeliers were installed; one was floor to ceiling so became the feature in the corner of the room. Additional layers of light were added with two Lucca 30 uplights set into the hearth to provide a focus to the fireplace surround. Lamps provide a local glow and once again Vorsa 50 spotlights highlight the coffee table and key features such as the art above the fireplace.

small bar with back lit shelving

Depth was added by the use of 2400K Contour LED strip to the back of the shelves. This is particularly successful when lighting glass objects as the light travels through them enhancing their colour and internal texture. Just out of view above at the front are three Polespring 30 black miniature downlights that give additional task light and a wash of light to the front of the objects.

a display of sugar shakers lit internally

Above the fireplace in the kitchen, a unique collection of sugar shakers were displayed on plinths and we concealed a miniature LED into each one. This projected light and patterns through the perforations meant for the sugar to come out from creating wonderful patterns. In addition two Vorsa 50 spotlights gave a soft light to the ceramic plates. In addition the green niches above the kitchen storage cupboards were it by local Etta Eyelids at the front of each shelf. To add to this recessed at the back was a soft warm Contour 2400K LED strip to give depth and soft back light.

Collection in passage leading to wine cellar

This basement passage leads to the wine cellar. Here Ian and Christa housed a huge copper pot collection on timber shelves. Again we back-lit these with warm Contour LED strip to ensure an inviting light with the addition of the new miniature Minims (just 15mm diameter). In the background Cazalla floor washers set into the risers, light every other step leading leading your eye up the stairs.

Curved wine cellar with uplights

The dining area beside the main wine cellar is dramatically uplight with Lucca 30 uplights to show off its shape. In addition the perspex wine display at the rear is dramatically back lit and the stone pendant incorporates a mini downlight.

bedroom with multi-handing pendants

This bedroom has a multitude of pendants from a single central rose and this lights the sofa and the end of the bed. The headboard has a soft backlight which is really subtle at night, again using the Contour 2400K LED strip mounted on a timber batton to which the headboard fixed allowing it to float 40mm from the wall. The fabulous scones either side were from a hotel sale and as the ceiling was lower, Vorsa 30s were used to highlight the artwork.

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