An Introduction to Lighting Design

General News

We were delighted to recently take part in The Design Platform an initiative set up by Noor Charchafchi of Celine Interior Design and Carole Annett of Country & Town House Magazine as a celebration of some of the greatest design businesses and brands to inspire and promote communication within the design industry, and provide insider industry knowledge and news.

Episode 9 features our Design Director Luke Thomas who shares his insider knowledge and expertise in Lighting Design, showing the incredible effects lighting can have on the home.

Whether it’s drawing attention to statement pieces of art, or achieving the perfect ambience, lighting can elevate the look and feel of an interior scheme. If you’re building a dream home from scratch, a lighting designer is essential. Bringing a lighting designer on board in the early stages – once the Interior Designer or Architect has drawn up the first set of plans – means your new home will shine as brightly as possible once it’s complete. We’ll also make sure your outside spaces are elegantly lit, from your porch and driveway to garden and patio areas.

Even a partial renovation of just one or a few rooms can benefit from bespoke lighting design. Discover more about our design service and why it can be so valuable to hire a lighting designer.