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John Cullen created this iconic look for the downlight designing and manufacturing it first in 1990. It has set the benchmark for downlights ever since. Throughout the thirty years, our quest has always been to create the most discreet, elegant fittings on the market. Central to our DNA is to ensure our downlights virtually disappears in the ceiling. We have pushed the boundaries of engineering to ensure the slimmest bezel and tightest tolerances throughout the products. On top of this the Polespring ranges have always given you the most adaptable effects to enhance your home or hospitality project. The range of beam angles and accessories allows you to adapt the beam yet further.

There have been many incarnations across the years, most notably from halogen to LED along with the miniaturisation which now brings us the original 50 range, along with smaller 40 and 30 versions. Each has ensured the product has endured to this day to be the one of the most loved downlights on the market.

Watch the video above to see why this product is so iconic.

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