Say hello to Polescade – a new wall-wash downlight

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Polescade introduces a new way of downlighting to our range – the wall-wash downlight. Create ceiling to floor coverage of light with an even illumination when used in unison for the ultimate wall-wash effect.

Building upon the heritage of the Polespring range, Polescade offers unprecedented levels of visual comfort in a downlight using several clever built in elements (lenses, louvres and baffles) to minimise glare from every viewing angle. This patent pending design also only protrudes just 3mm from the ceiling with a diameter of just 73mm, making it the most discreet on the market. Despite being the smallest of its kind on the market, it is still rated to IP54 – ensuring usability in a wide range of interior environments.

It comes in a white paintable bezel as standard and can be used with our range of 50 engines – Pure, True, Tune and AmbiDim.


A wall-wash downlight effect increases the perceived brightness in any space by evenly illuminating the surface. It offers a flexible solution for changing spaces with no distracting shadows. It creates less drama compared to the impact of directional beams with its uniform effect.

It can help makes spaces feel wider and illuminate special wall finishes and art such as murals or larger art installations.


When designing, place a third of the ceiling height out from the wall and a fifth apart for a continuous effect.


The Polescade wall-wash downlight was designed by our in-house designer Alex Leck. Alex says “From the beginning, our motivation for Polescade was to offer unprecedented levels of visual comfort from almost any viewing angle. We were able to achieve this through meticulously designing an optical package consisting of a specialist optic to manipulate the light, an integrated louvre to combat sideways glare and matt black baffle to prevent hot-spotting within the fitting when illuminated. I can’t wait to see how our clients integrate this alongside our existing products to enhance the perception and enjoyment of a space.”.

Polescade – a wall-wash engineered for simplicity – see the full specification here.

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