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We have re-engineered the Vorsa Spotlight range creating more dynamic yet simpler products designed for the circular economy. With a cleaner enhanced aesthetic, best-in-class light output and competitive pricing, you are sure to enjoy specifying the new products.

–  Using the same industry-leading LED light sources as within our PURE LED downlight engines, this allows us to offer an identical specification in recessed or surface applications.

–  A top CRI of >98 typical will ensure your colours look true to life.

–  The fittings pack some punch with both narrower beam angles and smaller diameters compared to others on the market.

–  The range allows for interchangeable optic solutions and accessory lenses without an expensive tool.

–  An innovative, patented, screwless tilt mechanism ensures precise positioning for maximum effects.

– New simplified bases for the Fix and Port have been designed for ease of installation.

–  All have been independently tested by the Lighting Industry Association to ensure compliance, durability and reliability.

Circular Economy is central to John Cullen’s Product Design DNA, and with Vorsa there is no exception. The ability to Repair, Re-use, Re-Purpose and as a last resort, Recycle our luminaires is non-negotiable. Vorsa is now constructed with a modular architecture of common components. Parts are mechanically fixed, with adhesives only used for technical or safety reasons.

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vorsa fix spotlight in smaller 40 and larger 50 size in both black and white
vorsa port spotlight in smaller 40 and larger 50 size in both black and white
vorsa TRACK spotlight in smaller 40 and larger 50 size in both black and white

Vorsa Fix: The Fix base option is suitable for most applications where individual luminaires are needed. Perfect where a downlighting effect is required but a ceiling void is not available.

Vorsa Port: The Port offers a discreet and non-invasive solution to provide adaptability to a scheme. Using our discreet Vorsa Port Cover Plate, additional plaster-in bases can be concealed across the scheme, allowing convenient use at a later date should luminaires be added or removed.

Vorsa Track systems: They offer ultimate flexibility to move, add, or subtract luminaires and on sloping ceiling offer more control than downlights. Use with DALI drivers to individually control luminaires on the same power supply. All can be used on a range of John Cullen supplied track systems including recessed, surface mounted and suspended. Please ask for full details.


Vorsa Fix 40s in action lighting cream and grey luxury interior

Design Director, Luke Thomas explains why you would specify a Vorsa instead of a Polespring downlight:-

– If recess depths limit the use of downlights Vorsa Fix and Track are excellent solutions to achieve similar effects.

– Aesthetically a track system or spotlight may suit the project scheme better – particularly for more contemporary projects.

– Vorsas are useful to use on sloping ceilings and where there are other obstructions such as staircases, even where it is possible to recess fittings, due to the fact that the Vorsa will give superior adjustability.

– An additional tilt can be achieved with Vorsas – up to 90 degrees, allowing for artwork, and other features to be lit from positions that would be impossible for a recessed luminaire.

– Track and Port fittings provide flexibility to adjust the lighting scheme post-completion without the need for building works or contractors.

– In some cases Vorsas can be useful where there are heritage restrictions such as Listed Buildings. A surface mounted fitting is sometimes acceptable to the planning authority in locations where a recessed light would be rejected.


New improved vorsa 50 spotlight lighting up industrial restaurant

Here Luke shares where he would use the Vorsa range and why:-

1. Lighting Artwork

Solution: If you are unable to recess downlights such as the Polespring, the Vorsa Fix is the ideal solution. It is perfect for lighting artwork. It has more flexibility than a Polespring in that it has a 90-degree tilt so you can position the light source further away to achieve the desired lit effect.

Consideration: You do need to think about viewing angles to minimise glare to achieve this effect successfully.

Vorsa spotlight lighting three different piece of art

2. Skylights

Solution: Introducing Vorsa spots at high level under skylights  are an excellent way of adding additional light. They can discreetly provide a focussed narrow beam of light to the centre of a dining table or kitchen island for example.

Consideration: Good coordination is required with the design team to integrate into the frame of a skylight. Think about how you might access the fittings for focussing and future maintenance eg ladder, scaffolding etc.

vorsa spotlights on three images lighting down from a skylight

3. Beams

Solution: Dramatic uplight from spotlights can be used  to accentuate wood grain and volume in vaulted spaces.

Consideration: How will the cabling to the light source be concealed from the driver, across the beam to the luminaire?

vorsa spotlights lighting beams showing texture and roof above swimming pool
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