New Uplight Range: The Lucca 30, 40, 60 and 120

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New range of Lucca uplights

John Cullen are excited to launch our new Lucca family.  It is now available in 4 core sizes (Lucca 30, Lucca 40, Lucca 60 and Lucca 120) with 2 additional tilting variants (Lucca Directional 95, Lucca Directional 185), a number of new finishes and carefully selected optical packages to ensure versatility in a wider range of applications.

The new Lucca family features a new construction that minimises the amount of visible metal, reducing the visual impact of the fitting, but also maximises the light output. New trimless alternatives of each of the fittings ensures they are as discreet as possible. A wide range of accessories allows you to change the beam angles and manage glare to suit your project more effectively.

We have designed each uplight from the ground up, incorporating new optical technologies, a new modular product architecture and new construction methods to ensure that we are bringing the highest quality, best performing and most robust family of uplights to the market.

All products within the new Lucca uplight family have been designed to be used both internally and externally. We are now offering a total of 5 different finishes across the family: white, black, stainless steel, bronze and brass. These new trimless versions are available in two finishes – black and stainless.

Explore the full Lucca uplight range.

New Lucca range in situ