Lighting up WOW!house 2024

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See how we have transformed four of the rooms at WOW!house, the ultimate showhouse, presented by Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Here we share our design ideas and products which were used to create the stunning effects.



stunning layered lighting by John CUllen at the drawing room by Guy Goodfellow at WOW!HOuse 2024

Working closely with Guy Goodfellow, we designed the drawing room to have a welcoming feel. You do not notice the architectural lighting but are drawn to the finishes and architecture in a subtle way. This can only be achieved by layering the lighting.

The conservatory feel at the entrance was lit indirectly with Contour LED on the top of the beams which was a challenge to control to create the subtle effect. Spiked Kew 40 uplights to the planter provide an indirect play of light and shadow. The highlights provided by Vorsa 40 spotlights focus on the contemporary art, shelving unit and antique secretaire creating subtle focus. The table lamps provide the ambient source of light and it appears as if they are doing all the work until one turns off the Vorsas and realise the magic is lost!

Additional accent is added to the arched columns and dramatic fireplace with Lucca uplights, a signature John Cullen lighting effect. And at high level, the miniature Vorsa Dot, so tiny they almost disappear, light the high level arches.

details of lighting at Guy Goodfellow stand at Wow!house 2024

At mid-level, Wallace picture lights are introduced to light the art work. They are so subtle with their additional side glare louvres to make it one of the most discreet picture lights on the market.

The final touch to add depth is the soft backlight to the sheers in the windows using the Contour linear light and also as the uplight above the bookcase and mantle of the fireplace.

Such layering of lighting effects creates the variety of moods and reflects the layered texture effect of the interior. All the lighting is programmed to provide a brighter stronger accent like the sun shining in during the day to the soft subtle effects of the cocktail hour setting.

Details of lighitng on Katharine Pooley's courtyard at Wow!house 2024

The main feature in the Courtyard designed by Katharine Pooley which provides a backdrop to the space is the stunning bespoke trellis. Here we selected Contour Vertical LED strip to wrap around each arch creating a stunning visual effect highlighting the green colour and delicate hand painting.

The art was lit with a bespoke wall-mounted Wallace and Vorsa 40s provided further highlight onto the high tables and items below.

Overview of artwork lighting at Colefax and Fowler living room at WOW!house 2024

Subtle use of outstanding products ensured that the key features of this wonderful morning room designed by Lucy Hammond Giles for Colefax and Fowler really shone through.

Vorsa Fix 40 spotlights were used throughout to make the brightly coloured artwork really come to life. The spotlights were carefully positioned to light the centre of the coffee table and the object above the fireplace drawing your eye around the space to the items that matter.

Details of lighting on Colefax and Fowler stand at WOW!house 2024
Details of lighting of Sophie Ashby room at WOW!House 2024

This sumptuous sitting room by Studio Ashby shows how lighting can highlight the details within the space.

The ceiling is uplit with Contour LED strip concealed behind a panel at high level.  Discreet Polespring 40 downlights provide a focus on the centre of the coffee table, lighting to the art and the chess table too.

On the shelving both at high and mid level, Vorsa Dots pick out key objects drawing your eye to them. Lucca 30’s uplight either side of the fireplace emphasising the texture.


WOW!House is available to see until the 4th July. Find out more and purchase your tickets here.