Lighting Showroom Review by Interior Design Today

Press Updates

If you ever wondered what it is like to visit our London lighting showroom, you can follow in journalist Jade Tilley’s foot steps.  Interior Design Today’s Showroom Showcase explores the UK’s best showrooms opening the doors on design from the inside.

Jade visited our showroom and was given a full demonstration by one of our designers, Simone Adler.  Jade describes the showroom as “A multi-level. working studio and showroom space that offered an opportunity to showcase the very best lighting concepts for designers and architects to gain a visual insight and work closely with the designers in-house to create a complete concept for their clients.”

“The team have cleverly devised a showroom that plays to the conventions of a home layout. There is a lounge/sitting area a kitchen/diner and a bathroom suite each engaging with different lighting techniques that demonstrate that it is so much more than just a source with which we are able to see but how lighting actually enhances the materials. colours and objects. to elevate a spaces potential.”