London Lighting Showroom

Visit our unique London lighting showroom to see all aspects of inspirational lighting.  It has been recently refurbished to show our latest energy efficient solutions and light fittings. Walk in for a demonstration and a lighting designer will show you the latest lighting products and effects.

With full blackout facilities, a lighting designer is always on hand to show you how light can transform a space by creating different moods at the touch of a button.  You will see the stunning visual effects that can be achieved with contemporary lighting, whether you wish to light just one object, a room, a whole building or a garden.

When it comes to seeing every type of LED light fitting in action, nothing rivals the unique Lighting Pod and the “John Cullen House”.  This includes schemes for a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, garden and even a cellar to show you just how much your home can benefit from creative energy efficient lighting.

With advances in technology and a raft of new legislation controlling how you can and cannot light your home, there has never been a better time to drop into our London lighting showroom and receive our expert advice.

Experience the unique showroom before you arrive:

Showroom location

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