Introducing Arine – the dedicated superyacht downlight

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The Arine is a range of downlights designed specifically for superyachts. We have combined 40 years of high-end development with insight from marine professionals to deliver industry-leading light quality in a new dedicated superyacht lighting range.

Its unique feature is a precision engineered patent pending fixing mechanism – a rear fixing plate and frame, which allow positioning in different ceiling thicknesses of deckhead. The diameter of the fixing plate allows a leading full 30 degree tilt by preventing incursion from other ceiling elements. The fixing holes have been designed to allow for standard drywall fixing (up to Ø4.8mm) and the fixing centres positioned to allow 10mm of clearance from main luminaire cut-out, to protect the integrity of the holes.

The range features two sub-families, which each have Fixed and Adjustable options. The Fixed favours the most minimal aesthetic whilst the Adjustable offers positional flexibility with 360 degree rotation and 30 degree tilt. A Trimless option, enhances the discreet look and a Mini-trim version is ideal for special applications such as leather ceilings.