Garden Lighting Ideas

Creative Director Sally Storey gives her top garden lighting ideas and shows what products to use to create magical lighting for gardens. If you are considering any outdoor lighting ideas for your garden/landscape, do remember firstly that a little light goes a long way at night. See our top garden lighting ideas and tips below to help you light beautifully and use the right exterior light fittings for the required task.

Use lighting for gardens selectively and remember that darkness can also be used to great effect – to conceal any less attractive areas. Decide on the areas you want to light, what your key features are and focus on these.

  • contemporary garden with shutters, water rill and olive trees


    The key to successful execution of outdoor lighting ideas is flexibility. LED exterior spike lights are ideal as they can be easily moved to suit the changing seasons and planting growth. The Kew 25 spiked spotlight and a directional Hampton 25 spiked floodlight allow you to light your landscape extremely effectively so you really don’t need to feel guilty about energy consumption. For larger landscapes, the are an ideal solution.

  • brick steps with step lighting with a view behind


    Do light steps in your garden for safety reasons as well as aesthetics. The Riena or Lucca External recessed into the side wall, are ideal solutions and create atmosphere as well as reduces the risk of anyone tripping. Alternatively, for an instant garden lighting effect use night lights in small glass holders which provide a pretty way to emphasise a staircase or low level wall. The Riena and Lucca are versatile fittings so can also be used to uplight a wall or the side of a pot.

  • view down a water rill and trees either wide to sculpture at the end

    3.Water features

    Water features are a wonderful medium to light as the movement and refraction creates patterns which reflect on the surrounding area. Use a simple underwater spotlight under a water flow or, alternatively, consider using fibre optics within water jets to create a magical effect candle light or for the ultimate, think of adding fibres set into the base of a pool at random appearing almost as stars. Ask our Sales Team for options.

  • waterrill with up lit box balls in landscape

    4.Fitting selection

    Most garden light fittings are black but the ones that usually blend into gardens best are olive green. Copper fittings can also be good as they patinate to a neutral green colour with age. See how these Hampton 40 floodlights almost disappear it the garden but work hard lighting up the box balls to create a stunning vista.

  • view down lit pergola to lit sculpture at the end

    5.Key features

    Lighting key features such as statues or key large trees ensures the focus is still on them at night. Similarly to inside, it can draw your eye beyond expending your vista. The tree trunks in this pergola are lit with spiked Kew 40 spotlights which are also used to cross light the statue at the end.

  • Dramatic grouping of pots uplit with olive trees

    6.Layering light

    As with layering lighting in your home, it is also worth considering as part of your lighting for your garden. Here we have both uplit the large pots with Lucca External uplights and also used 1w spiked Kews to cross light the planted olive trees above.

  • Country House Driveway with view to house beyond


    Consider how your approach to your house or front garden will look at night. This is the first impression that friends have when they arrive so it sets the scene. Light up key features such as trees, shrubs or the facade to create a warm welcome. Make sure you avoid security lights which are glarey and will wash the space with too much harsh light. Read how to install garden lighting safely.