Wall Washing

Wall washing provides a uniform wash of light to a flat wall providing a good even distribution of light from floor to ceiling.

  • Wall wash effect with led downlights

    1.Increase feeling of space

    Use directional downlights to wash towards the wall. Use a wide beam angle and a sandblasted lens for a soft and subtle lighting effect.

  • shafts of light down back of the shower

    2.Create shafts of light down back of the shower

    Wash tiles in a shower using a Waterspring set very close to the wall to skim down. This highlights the tiles themselves and reduces glare.

  • Wall washing for basement gym

    3.Wall grazing with Contour linear strips

    A linear Contour LED strip light can be set within a ceiling slot / shadow gap detail for a more contemporary wall washing effect or where scallops of light are undesirable.

  • wall washing effect on textured wall


    For a soft wash come away from the wall and direct light back towards the vertical surface. For a more dramatic effect or to highlight texture, set the light close.

  • Square trimless led downlight white

    5.Get the look

    All directional downlights can be used as well as the IP rated options. The version required depends on how much light is desired and the ceiling height.  Contour LED strip also works well if carefully concealed to create a strong linear wall wash or grazing effect.