Undercupboard Lighting

Undercupboard lighting is a great way of providing task lighting over a kitchen work surface or basin in a bathroom.

  • linear led strip lights splashback

    1.Linear lighting

    Use linear LEDs such as the Contour range for a consistent glow across the length of the work surface. This can be used with a diffuser to prevent visible dots of the LEDs in reflective finishes.

  • undercubpoard lighting in kitchen


    Undercupboard lights such as the Etta and Etta Eyelid give a bright boost of task light and can also be used as part of a late night evening scene. This is particularly useful when designing open plan, multi-functional spaces.

  • colour changing linear light in kitchen splashback

    3.Backlighting with or without colour

    Lighting can be incorporated behind a frosted glass splashback to create a light box effect which floods the work space with light. Colour changing RGB Contour can be added to provide coloured lighting when required.

  • undercupboard lighting with no glare in kitchen


    As with all joinery lighting, the light source should not be visible. Think about whether lighting can be seen while sitting at the dining table or on the sofa.

  • Contour HD27 in action John Cullen

    5.Get the look

    Use Contour HD24 or HD27 for linear lighting and also for back light to glass. Etta and Etta Eyelid are ideal for when individual undercupboard lights are required.