Picture Lighting

Lighting your pictures and art is key to making the most of them at night. Read our ultimate lighting tips to ensure you make the most of your collection.

Picture lighting can be achieved using different techniques to create a focal point at night.

  • Lucca uplight fireplace surround

    1.Light art with a simple downlight or spotlight

    Low glare directional downlights are a discreet and effective method of highlighting artwork. A variety of beam angles and lenses give the flexibility to tailor the effect for each picture size and medium.

  • selection of high end art perfectly lit

    2.Careful Selection of Beam Widths

    If using a downlight, it is essential to select the right beam width to light your art precisely. Here we used a narrow beam to light the small art over the fireplace, a medium beam to light the sculpture in the middle and three downlights with wide beams to light the large artwork on the right.

  • Framing projector lighting artwork

    3.Framing the art exactly

    A Framing Projector creates a truly magical effect which gives the impression that the artwork is lit from within. With this bespoke solution the light source is almost completely concealed from view which adds to the illusion.

  • Wallace LED picture lights lights contemporary art above fireplace

    4.Lighting with a surface mounted picture light

    For a more traditional solution a wall or picture mounted picture light is an excellent solution. Our new Wallace picture light uses cutting-edge technology to provide an even distribution of light to precisely focus on your whole canvas.  With a high CRI of 97 you can be sure that the true colours of your art are seen at night too.

  • Lighting artwork positioning of downlights


    Depending on the application the lighting will be positioned either in the ceiling or on the wall but either way must be positioned to relate to the picture. If using a picture light, never mount on the wall with a gap above the picture as the wall in between the picture light and picture becomes brighter than the picture. The exact position of the Framing Project is determined by a specialist installer.

  • polespring led directional downlight in white

    6.Get the look

    All directional downlights can be used, depending on how much light is required and the ceiling height. The Framing Projector is a bespoke solution ideal for the most precious of pictures.  The Wallace Picture Light comes in different sizes to suit your art and a selection of finishes to suit your interior.