Garden Spike Lighting

Garden spike lighting is ideal for use in gardens as they can be easily repositioned as the planting matures.

  • spiked light provides a focas on sculpture in garden

    1.Create a focus

    Garden spike lights can be used to create a focus light onto a specific feature such as a tree or sculpture. This can be used to extend the view down the garden and give depth to the space.

  • spiked floodlights to hedge in garden

    2.Use to floodlight

    Wider areas can be lit using spikes with a flood beam, rather than a spot. This is useful for uplighting a hedge or brick wall where a diffused effect is needed.

  • outdoor garden planting lights lit with spiked spots

    3.Light low-level planting

    Low-level bedding can be lit as infill light between features. The lighting tends to be raised above the planting and directed back down to prevent glare.

  • garden uplights - spiked fittings light box balls


    The beauty of the spike lights is that they can be repositioned for the best effect. The planting changes from season to season and over time as it grows so the lighting needs to be adaptive.

  • Carella spiked spot lights low level planting

    5.Get the look

    For focus light to features use the Kew or Hampton ranges. These two families come in three sizes with different light outputs to suit what you are lighting. For low level bedding the Hampton is again a good option but also consider the Portobello and, for a twinkle candle-like effect, the Carella.