Lighting Techniques

Create the space that you want with our different architectural lighting designs and techniques that can be used in any home when using good quality LEDs.

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  • Downlighting

    Downlighting is one of the staples to use when lighting your home. The key when using them is to carefully position them to light selective features rather than put them...

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  • Garden Spike Lighting

    One of the most popular tools to light a garden is with spiked fittings. These allow you to reposition them as your garden grows so you can always maximise their...

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  • Undercupboard Lighting

    Lighting under units in your kitchen or in a library provides an excellent way of adding task lighting to your room. Here are a few different techniques that you can...

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  • Shelf & Joinery Lighting

    There are many ways to light your shelves. Here we look at a number of different techniques which is a wonderful opportunity to bring extra layers of light into your...

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  • Floor Washing

    Floor washing is an excellent way to introduce an extra layer of light into any room on your project. There are a number of different techniques which we review here...

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  • Picture Lighting

    When you have great artwork, it is always a good idea to ensure that you light it effectively to show it off to its best at night. See here a...

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  • Wall Washing

    Wall washing provides a uniform wash of light to a flat wall providing a good even distribution of light from floor to ceiling.

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  • Uplighting

    The addition of uplight to any room adds not only a new layer of light but can add drama and highlight key features. Here we share our top ideas so...

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