New Residential Lighting Controls Service


Residential lighting controls in action

We are excited to launch our new residential lighting controls service.  Usually lighting design, light fittings and lighting controls are handled by separate companies. This route is open to creating problems and issues along the way. To make your life a little less troublesome, we now offer all of this under one roof with our complete end-to-end lighting solution.

Our new residential lighting controls package incorporates lighting control project solutions and in-house technical support to deliver a managed scalable package to give you peace of mind.  Whether you are looking to light just one room or a whole house, we can tailor-make an end-to-end solution from lighting design, lighting products, control system design and control products to ensure that you have trouble and flicker-free lighting.

From retro-fit, an upgrade or a totally new system, you can be assured of the best bespoke solution using the latest digital technology which can interface with your smart phone and tablet. Whether you are looking for a simple lighting control solution for stand-alone and single room application to a digital networked lighting control solutions for multi-room whole house solutions or a retro-fit control system, you can be assured of the complete solution.  Our systems use open protocols to ensure integration with your AV if required.

Residential lighting controls installation

In addition, John Cullen Lighting now offers LuxCare®, our unique Service Level Agreement. Select the level of care you require and we will ensure that your lighting looks as good as the day it was installed. Whether you are just looking for an extended warranty on our luminaires and drivers for 5 years with our Core Cover, or a bi-annual maintenance visit, extended warranty and future discounts with our Plus Cover or annual maintenance visits, extended warranty, discounts and a rebate on new projects with our Comprehensive Cover, we have a level of cover to suit your requirements. Contact us for full details of LuxCare®.

With over 50 years’ experience across the controls team, in product development, sales, project management, commissioning and service; John Cullen Lighting offer a total lighting solution including lighting design, luminaires and control together designed, managed and delivered by one team directly to your installer taking the stress out of dealing with multiple suppliers.

One room residential Lighting controls

Single Room Solutions

For individual rooms, simple rotary dimmers provide the best means of control.  When you have more than 4 circuits, we recommend pre-set dimming systems including Rako and Helvar. Use apps on tablets or phones to control your lighting to achieve the perfect scene.

Multi-room residential lighting controls

Multi-Room Solutions

Where you are looking to light several rooms such as a kitchen and garden space, a range of different solutions are open to you for your residential lighting controls. Options include products from Helvar and Lutron.

Whole house residential lighting controls

Whole House Solutions

A whole house control system gives you ability to control any light from any key pad or app eg your garden lighting from your bedroom, universal on/off switches, scheduled events, holiday modes and much more. Options include tailor-made scene setting products from Helvar and Lutron.

Retro-fit residential lighting controls

Retrofit Solutions

Where you wish to add a control system to an existing installation, we recommend using wireless systems such as Rako.  This utilises existing wiring to minimise the need for intrusive building work.

Contact Sales on 020 7371 9000 or email to find out more how we can help with your residential lighting controls or see a selection of our residential lighting controls here.