Your Yacht Lighting Toolbox

14 / 07 / 2016

If you are looking at yacht lighting, look no further than our unique collection of light fittings.

Designed ‘in house’ and manufactured in the UK, they are designed to work perfectly in boats as they are discreet, small, easy to install and create a wonderful warm white light to maximise and enhance your designs.

1. The Fazer

This unique miniature low glare directional downlight is perfect for general lighting or specific tasks where a minimum recess depth of 60mm is essential. You can also use it to light the centre of dining tables or coffee tables and to light artwork. Read More

2. The Polespring

This low glare downlight is ideal for the larger superyachts where the recess depth can be 100mm. It is unique in that is offers a glare free solution for general light, artwork lighting and a focused lights over dining tables  This LED fitting provides the ideal colour temperature of 2700K to provide perfect yacht lighting solutions. Read More

3. The Lucca

Whether used as an uplight, stairlight or downlight, the Lucca is a versatile miniature fitting ideal to uplight features, door entries or window reveals. It can be used to light stair treads or can be used as a downlight in a niche or in a shower.  With just 1w of warm white 2700K light, you can add drama to any space. Read More

4. The Luccini

A miniature version of the Lucca, the Luccini is ideal to use in shelves as a mini downlight, to uplight porthole reveals or steps.  It too is just 1w and comes with a full glare guard to minimise unwanted light spill. Read More

5. The Cazalla

The perfect small square floor washer ideal as a low level light in guest accommodation, a gangway or as a night light. The Cazalla also works well when used as a warm light at basin level to provide an additional accent. With a 2700K warm white light, it is designed to match the colour temperature of our range of products. Read More

6. The Eyelid Undercupboard Light

This slim cabinet light has a small eyelid which skilfully shields the light source. It is a miniature fitting which is ideal for dramatically lighting niches or shelves. Read More

7. The Contour HD27 and HD24

This wonderful LED strip is available in two colour temperatures, both 2700K and 2400K. It provides a high density light for a less dotty effect. The HD24 will create a new warmer mood for the saloon or bedroom. Think not only of the standard floating beds or coffered ceilings but us it in shelving to either front or to backlight objects. This adds depth by drawing ones eye to the back of the shelf and drama to any space. Read More

For further advice on yacht lighting, please contact our yacht specialist Claudio Zimarino or call 0207 371 9000