The New Luccini - A Miniature Marvel

19 / 04 / 2017

The new Luccini, one of our small LED lights, has been redesigned to mirror the popular Lucca in appearance, creating a versatile product for discreet applications. Utilising a new LED, it is almost twice as powerful as the original, giving up to 61 Lumens of light whilst still using just 1W. It is now available with both a narrow beam of light (see the top niches in the image below), ideal for lighting shelving, uplighting door frames or pin spotting objects, or alternatively a wide medium beam (see the bottom niches in the image below), ideal for uplighting window reveals. The Luccini is available in white, bronze and stainless steel to suit your interiors.

Great for lighting objects in shelving.

Use the Luccini as an up or downlight in shelving to highlight objects.

Fabulous as a miniature uplight for door frames

The new Luccini is powerful enough to light up a door frame from top to bottom.

Marvellous for skimming light across steps.

An ideal miniature fitting to light across steps and stairs to light your way.

For further information on the new Luccini, see here.  For our full range of downlights including other small LED lights, click here.