35 years of John Cullen Lighting

05 / 12 / 2016


We are celebrating our 35th anniversary. This is an exciting milestone in the lighting industry especially being one of the first truly revolutionary lighting companies that has developed alongside technology changes over the same period. It is a fast moving industry that has evolved so much over 35 years and we are proud that we have achieved this milestone with many more milestones still ahead.

John Bullock from LUX Magazine and John Bullock Lighting Design believes;

“The phenomenal success in the improved quality of lighting in our homes lies with one person, John Cullen. At a time when the rest of the lighting industry was still getting used to the idea of tungsten halogen lamps and what we might do with them, John and his team were already producing lighting designs of the very highest order. It was an honour to know him.”

Key dates in our 35 years history:

  • 1981 = John Cullen Lighting was founded by John Cullen himself with the first showroom opening up on Smith Street
  • 1987 = John Cullen passed away and Sally Storey took over as Design Director
  • 1988 = The first designed in-house and manufactured in the UK product was produced
  • 1999 = The warehouse in the Talina Centre was opened for storage and dispatch of products
  • 2005 = The first LED product was launched – LED Polespring
  • 2014 = ‘Inspire with Light’ became our new motto and Peter van der Kolk also became our new CEO
  • 2015 = All products became BIM ready
  • 2016 = Our new Middle East office opened

We look forward to working with you for the next 35 years and more……

2nd half of john cullen lighting timeline