2023 Lighting Trends

22 / 12 / 2022

What are the lighting trends for 2023? We asked our senior designers what they foresaw and you can read their answers here:-


Estefania Marquez, Design Associate at John Cullen Lighting says, “Decorative fittings are being looked at as a continuation of the architectural lighting scheme, therefore colour consistency is key. As a result, there has been a shift to a more neutral temperature to match the architectural luminaires resulting in the use of milky glass lights, frosted/porcelain LED bulbs and use of dim to warm bulbs.”

Fiona Harvey, Senior Design at John Cullen Lighting says, “I see a continued development of human centric lighting. More presence of tuneable and AmbiDim/Dim to warm solutions that cater for both daytime and evening scenarios. There has been popular demand for this type of technology particularly in commercial/hospitality markets, which could potentially filter more through to residential environments.”

Tuneable LED strip in action John Cullen Lighting

Sabrina Fiorina, Design Associate says, “Matt black finishes are becoming increasingly popular in the lighting industry. I think they have replaced bronze finishes as the black gives a more contemporary feel to the space.”

Luke Thomas, Design Director says,  “A clear and continued trend towards smaller more miniaturised architectural light fittings that seamlessly blend into the interior environment. These give the option to create dramatic lighting schemes which are low glare and discreet, providing excellent visual comfort. They also maintain the focus of attention on the subject of the illumination and not the source itself. Layer this with bold decorative pendants and wall lights for the ultimate layered scheme.”


Miniature Minim black joinery light in action in action John Cullen Lighting

I have noted an emerging trend of embracing simplicity in design.

Utilising natural daylight at its best and most functional in the day, and embracing warmer more minimalist lighting throughout the evening is absolutely gaining traction.

In addition I am noticing a design trend of avoiding plain white gypsum ceilings. Subtle off whites are here to stay and as such, so is the plaster in downlight.

Simplicity is emerging as a lighting trend

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