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The Starliter is a tubular pendant which is perforated to create a soft twinkling effect when hung in a tree or shrub.

Individually supplied with a 1 metre chain these fittings can be suspended from trees or pergolas.

They look best when hung in a group of three of differing sizes.

This surface-mounted tungsten halogen fitting is suitable for lighting plants or sculptures and spotlighting onto tables from trees or buildings.

This metal halide exterior spotlight is an  excellent uplight for mature trees and a range  of similar applications.

This exterior spotlight is an excellent uplight for mature trees and similar applications.

The Oslo external LED steplight is designed to provide a wash of light to steps and pathways outside or in wet environments. The Olso comes in a Stainless Steel colour with an extra wide beam width and is 2700K in colour temperature.

For inspiration with LED steplights please see our project showcase.

The Oslo LED steplight is also available as an internal version for use in dry areas.

If you are unsure of the IP Zones in a bathroom, take a look at our handy guide: Bathroom IP Rating and Zones.

Our Lightstream is a halogen low heat flexible linear light suitable for bespoke cabinetry, low heat shelf lighting and cornice lighting.